We help you reach your target audience with ads they won’t be able to scroll past.

We lower cost per acquisition by an average of 35% by targeting qualified 
leads on the channels your customers use.

Four Pillars of Social Media

Improved brand awareness

Our SMO services will improve your company's brand recognition. More and more people will know about you, and they will want to try your products or services.

Improve search rankings

Social media marketing should be a focal point of your overall online marketing strategy. Aside from building your brand and earning you more traffic, social media improves search rankings too!

Increase inbound traffic

If you want more footfalls on your website, you need social media. You can gather a large following on social media, and every follower can become your potential customer.


You do not have to spend a fortune to be on social media. You can start with a small budget and still see results. We are always there to help you.

Scalable and Cost effective campaigns.

Every campaign is custom built for you based on industry insights and rigorous retargeting campaigns that allow us to measure how your leads are using the platform.

We use these insights to drive B2B leads and sales across your social networks and to pinpoint the channels that will grow your audience and lead to conversions.

Backed by Industry specific trends.

We don’t play blind with your advertising budget.

We audit your campaigns from top to bottom to show you what’s working, where you’re overspending, and how you can scale your campaigns to increase return on ad spend.

Social Media Management Process

Our social media campaigns begin with profile creation. If you have no presence on the social media channels, we will start by creating the same. We will also build your follower base and give your business a good start on the various platforms.

Social profile creation and optimization

As mentioned above, the competition is fierce on social media platforms. Every business is vying for attention. To stand out from the crowd, you first need to understand them. We will analyze your competition and devise strategies to beat them as well.

Competition analysis

To really harness the power of social media, you need to build your community or follower base. Attracting the target audience and enticing them into being your follower is not easy. That is why MgiWebZone has specific strategies for community building. You cannot become an authority without having support from your community.

Community building

There is no dearth of social media tools and applications. While some work wonders for businesses, others are not as useful. To succeed on social media, you need the right tools that can solidify your company's presence across various channels. We will help you choose the best ones!

Software implementation

Blogging is a great way to attract the audience and spread the good word about your business. Content marketing is also the secret to succeed in online marketing. That is why our blogging strategies are built to serve both ends.

Blogging strategy

A range of content is shared on social media every day. That is why your content must stand out to attract the audience. We will build a stellar content strategy for you. We can also create the content and share them strategically across social media channels to drive the best results.

Content creation and sharing

Qualified Leads ≠ More Social Media Channels

We don’t waste your time or your budget targeting social channels that don’t drive revenue.

Instead, we focus on the efforts that actually impact your bottom line: creating ads that grab your audience’s attention, engaging your customers on the channels they already use, and A/B testing everything in-house to chase down the best results.






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