Don’t get married to any one platform.

The Internet is constantly changing.

Remember what “social media” consisted of 10 years ago? Facebook was just starting to gain real traction. Myspace was still considered popular. No one knew the purpose of Twitter. It wasn’t cool to “vlog” on YouTube yet. And the term “influencer” didn’t even exist. 

One of the hardest parts about building a brand online is accepting the fact that what works today, won’t necessarily work tomorrow. And worse, you might spend years investing in building your presence on a social platform, only for that platform to one day become irrelevant (or die altogether).

This is what makes “digital marketing” such a science. It’s a never-ending process of testing, pivoting, and never allowing yourself to become too reliant on any one platform, website, or method. 

So, don’t allow yourself to get too attached to a certain tactic in the first place. The moment it stops working, throw caution to the wind and look for a new solution.

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